Vinny McElwee

Years as a Kendall player: 2000-2003

Best memory on the field: Pecker lobbing the keeper from 40 yards to score the winning goal in 2001 Final- Has there ever been a better golden goal scored??

Worst memory on the field: Final whistle of final game for Kendall in 2003, realising that we threw away the league. aaaaaagghhhh!!

Best memory off the field: Frank Pluck walking through the door of the Kendall with the cup in 2001.

Worst memory off the field: Having to listen to Jonny Mc Elroy piss into a bottle at the back of the school bus on the way back from the opening game at Gillette Stadium and then having to hold my piss the rest of the way into Boston. Think that might bring back bad memories for a few lads, thought Brian Dana was going to cry.

Favourite Kendall player and why: George who's surname now escapes me. Superb attacking midfielder, very skilful on the ball and could really pick a pass. Would have said Brian Dana, only he went frolicking in the foliage at crunch time of the season. Loved his competitive edge and his 'man, ball and all' attitude

Favourite Kendall quote:
"I didn't say you were shite, I called you a DICK!" - Johnny Mc Elroy clearing up a misunderstanding with Steve Kenny at half time during one of the games in the Carlsberg Cup competition. Priceless!

Where are you now: Living in Dublin with the girlfriend.