Declan "Pecker" White

Years as a Kendall player: 5 I think, 1999 to 2004

Best memory on the field: 2001 - scoring BSSL league cup winning goal from 50 yards (at least)!

Worst memory on the field: Training in roslindale in the evenings while being absolutely devoured by mosquitos and trying to forget that interview you heard that day about the West Nile Virus.

Best memory off the field: Pints after training in the Corrib in Roslindale - watching Johnny Mac and Quinner nearly come to blows over obscure arguments like why are toilet paper squares so small (actual argument)

Worst memory off the field: The first day that I started for Kendall, I wasn't registered (shock horror), but Mike Mc gave me Brian McCormacks card to use. So I was walking up to the ref, repeating in my head, "Brian McCormack, Brian McCormack, Brian McCormack". Ref: "Whats your name?". Me: "Declan White". Silence from the ref, then he says, "I, Ah, I don't see your name here" Me: "Oh right, yeah, well I actually meant Brian McCormack, always doing that" Homer Simpson would have been proud. Still got to play though, and scored a goal (from a Johhny Mac pass, that didn't happen again either)

Favourite Kendall player and why: Donal Keane - actually slower than me in training.

Favourite Kendall quote:
"You're starting today." - (not that I heard it that often mind you)

Where are you now: I am living in Portlaoise, working for a French water engineering company and still playing a bit of ball a few times a week and over 35s in the summer.