Matt Armstrong

Years as a Kendall player: 5ish (2004-2009)

Best memory on the field: The game winner I scored against Spartak was one of those that you just hit right and get to watch it in slow motion and makes for a vivid memory. However the best memory I have is all the times I walked off the pitch following training and matches because many don't know in college I was in a bad car accident and was told I probably wouldn't play again so I felt lucky every time I was able to step out on the field regardless of how I felt the following morning.

Worst memory on the field: Something to do with a shoe. I think I've blocked out the rest of the details.

Best memory off the field: The rare occasions I found the time to actual make it out for drinks were all priceless.

Worst memory off the field: Learning of the passing of fellow footballer Ucal McKenzie following one of our matches.

Favourite Kendall player and why: Donal Keane because of his commitment, humor, and ageless ability to still get out there and give it to 'em.

Favourite Kendall quote:
Referee... (Followed by or preceded by constructive words of encouragement)

Where are you now: I'm in Norwalk, Connecticut now enjoying my retirement and working for myself.