Marc Archer

Years as a Kendall player: From 2001 when I showed up to my first Kendall indoor and got battered off a Cambridge gym wall for two hours by John McElroy to winning the Division 3 Over The Hill Cup in 2008.

Best memory on the field: Easily Noel Coffey's stunning winner against Middlesex back in 2003. A glorious strike in the pouring rain to cap a fantastic team performance against one of the hardest teams to beat on their own patch.

Worst memory on the field: Any time any of the lads from any of the teams suffered a major injury. God knows I had enough minor injuries, but I felt awful for the likes of Gerry Daly, John Law, John Kelliher and Barry McNulty. All recovered pretty well though. That and training at Hyde Park.

Best memory off the field: Too many to mention, Saturday afternoon sessions in the Thirsty Scholar or Tommy Doyles were great, dissecting every detail of that day's game over endless Coronas. In particular, the endless replays of the Carico lad taking a direct hit to the nads on the big screen. The misadventures on the school bus for USA-Holland as well.

Worst memory off the field: Does getting sent off so far that the ref insisted I stand in the car park count?

Favourite Kendall player and why: Donal Keane and John O'Toole are club legends from the 1st team. Both have done so much for the club off the pitch, but on Donal is a master class in possession, and you can't build a great team without a top keeper, and that's what Johno is. From the 2nd team Kieran Connolly, who is no doubt terrorizing defenses in California, was huge for the second team, but it has to go to Lar Barden for making my life so easy when playing beside him. For sheer audacity, special mention goes to Joe Regan for showing up each weekend fag hanging out of his mouth, completely unintelligible, with a hangover the size of Russia - legend. Giles offered me a fiver to mention his name here, the slag.

Favourite Kendall quote:
"Troo da chair, troo da chair!"

Where are you now: Bit of running, but other than that living the dream in suburbia.