Karl Farrow

Years as a Kendall player: 2006 - 2007

Best memory on the field: Finally scoring a goal vs Carico.

Worst memory on the field: The hobbling off injured part.

Best memory off the field: X-mas after party at Keano's House. Stranded by a snow storm. Keano showing off his collection of 45s while Mike danced into the wee hours.

Worst memory off the field: Being forced to watch endless 3rd Team replays of Saturday's matches at Paddy Doyle's, though Pyke getting nutmegged was good.

Favourite Kendall player and why: Tony Wood. Fellow Canuck.

Favourite Kendall quote: Can't quite remember, but whatever Joe Regan used to repeat at the half used to make me smile.

Where are you now: In Basel Switzerland. Marrying a German lady, honeymooning in Japan, pushing back the frontiers of science and struggling to keep my place in the Novartis 1st team.