Chris Craven

Years as a Kendall player: 1985-2005ish

Best memory on the field: got a few. Definitely Pecker's goal to win the BSSL Cup. Another is when the team let me take a PK in a summer-league BSS (?) game to complete a (never seen again) hat trick. Learning proper football jargon like "watch yer house!" and "bollocks!" and "bloody ell!" Watching Dominic Pulitano take a shot that hit both posts and the crossbar. It didn't go in, but was totally cool. Giles missing a game because he went to Montreal with his bird, got in a huge fight, and couldn't get back because she took his passport for a couple of days.

Worst memory on the field: a game at Glacken Field in Cambridge, mid-1990s, playing a team that was down a man. We won the game 9-0 while we were bursting blood vessels screaming and swearing at our ourselves so much that I thought our team was going to explode. What the fuck was that all about?

Best memory off the field: got a few of these too. Michael Tallon starting a bar and sponsoring us, turning us from a Saturday afternoon soccer team into a proper football club. Watching the club grow from its deathbed in the early 90's to four teams in the early 00's, complete with coaches, required training, and matching uniforms. Who would have thunk it?

Worst memory off the field: at a club trivia night, getting the question "Who painted Whistler's Mother" wrong. Answer: Whistler. Friggin' Joe Regan came up with that STUPID question! Trying to negotiate a date to play the finals in our second try at the BSSL Cup in the mid-90s, when our manager at the time was willing to forfeit the finals rather than play it with a couple of players unavailable. Arghhh! Also, when the club got big enough for over-rostered 1st & 2nd teams, and I was going to get minimal playing time because I could not make training. Fixed it by starting a 3rd club team and forming a 4th division in the BSSL (woo HOO!).

Favourite Kendall player and why: Hmmm. So many. Dominic, Jim Shaw, Coxy, Mike Tallon, Steve Kenny, Donal, Michael Mac, Joe Regan, Aido. Hmmm. I guess it would be anyone willing to go in net when our keeper did not show.

Favourite Kendall quote:
"Through the chair!"

Where are you now: playing over-40s with Southboro in the Over-the-Hill League. If any of you guys ever grow up, give me a call. We can always use players with a Kendall Wanderers pedigree. Go wan da Kendall!