Anders Lofgren

Years as a Kendall player: 2001-2003

Best memory on the field: Maybe not the best memory but one of my first. One of the first games I play in on the B team and the game ends up in a brawl at the end of the game. I remember just saying "what have I got myself into?"

Worst memory on the field: In an over 30s game seeing two ambulance rolls - one acl and the other a snapped achilles tendon. You could hear the snap and he went down screaming like he had been shot. It was awful.

Best memory off the field: The night of the cup win. I was not part of the team but great to see everyone celebrating it at the bar. And although I missed this, I heard alot about it, Marty talking to Mayor Menino at the Gate after a match. Apparently that was very funny.

Worst memory off the field: Missing Marty talking to Mayor Menino

Favourite Kendall player and why: All the managers who put up with all the player gripes but still got us organized enough to play. Ditto that to the club management as well.

Favourite Kendall quote:
"You'll have another before you go, won't you?" - heard numerous times, from numerous wanderers as I tried to leave.

Where are you now: I live in Huntington, NY and I work in NYC for a technology research company. And yes, I am still playing although somewhat infrequently. If the kendall would just start an over - 40s team I would move back!