Gary Quinn

Overall Memory: The after-match, -training drinking in the various kips tolerant of us, unwashed, screaming for food or the unnameable; the guileless, spontaneous buzz of conversation and the camaraderie everyone will remember; all talking the same language - nonsense! Then Joe Reagan attempted to speed us up to 45 rpm.
Strong memory of reliving a game on the hijacked Kendall tv (with frequent rewinds), all piled around the entrance, and seeing many a person open the door, pause on the threshold, and close it again. Yet another prospective client lost for Mike Tallon. Will he ever forgive us?

Most remembered quote:
"Democracy is through the chair." - Mike McCormick after being accused of bias at an AGM.

Most terrible memories: The stifling AGMs.

Best game I can remember: Cup semi-final win against Quincy, a much better team than Harvard (the other finalist: apart from Pecker's golden goal we should have destroyed them, but for big day nerves, John Mc missed a few and George hit the xbar) in Danehy on the Astroturf. Won on penalties with George L scoring the winner. I didn't play a minute of the game. If we'd lost to Quincy Kendall's renaissance wouldn't have been. Gerry Daly was the man on that day.

Misc memories: Tom Esch told me John Updike's nephew was in the Harvard squad but I never had that corroborated.
Shane Mc smashing the framed photo in the Kendall Cafe.
The fox making off into the swamp with one of the ragged balls in West Roxbury.

Where now? Tokyo, busking in the subway.