Shane Cronin

Alan Shearer Shane Cronin
Name: Shane Cronin
Position: Usually on the couch with his hand down his pants but can occasionally be found boating and cycling near the Charles!
Occupation: Professional Chav!
Greatest Achievement: Not pulling his pants down in PJ's after Munster won the European Cup and not pulling his pants down hailing a taxi out in Harvard! ;-)
Nationality: Disowned by Cork
Status: Balding .....Balding.....Bald
Supports Supposedly Arsenal...but Cronin supported Leeds up until he was 15...FACT!
Favorite Player: Matt Smith (because of a 1st team game against the Eagles in 2006...check the report)
Least likely to say: That's quite alright that your attempted pass to me went astray. Better luck next time!
Most likely to say: Shut up Jonno ya fat c*nt who asked you ? Engerland Engerland !

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