Paul Mahon

Frank Ribery Paul Mahon
Name: Paul Mahon
Position: First team. Second team. Third team. Over 30's. Who the hell knows.
Occupation: Lives in New Hampshire, so it must have something to do with wood chopping, or something like that.
Greatest Achievement: Scoring in a recent over 30's match, then running the breath of the field shouting out like Joey Deacon.
Nationality: Irish - there is the link to the first team squad!
Status: Apparently married, but he has a face that only a mother would love, so it is doubtful.
Supports Liverpool
Favorite Player: Ian for all the wonderful through balls his gives him in over 30's matches.
Least likely to say: My blinding pace took me away from the last defender, then I curled it from 20 yards and left the 'keeper with no chance. GET IN!
Most likely to say: Don't know, but a conversation between Paul and Joe Regan would be worth a listen......we think that they talk in code.

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