Mark Smethers

Mark Smethers
Pete Doherty
Name: Mark Smelly Smethers
Position: Central Midfield; Loves playing in the hole(s)
Occupation: International Numbers Guru
Greatest Achievement: Managing to pose for a photograph in 1983 which didn't make him look like Mr. Gay UK
Nationality: En-Ger-Land-ish
Status: Taken. An extra member of the WAGs has been this space
Supports Watford. Coz, somebody has to.
Favorite Player: Steve Taylor. They speak the same tongue, drink shandy together and listen to Chas and Dave back catalogues.
Least likely to say: "Jesus, I'm an ugly human being, my banter tonight is horrific and it feels like my mojo has been stolen."
Most likely to say: Can't play this week, I'm partying on South Beach/LA/London/Milan/Tokyo

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