Marc Archer

Marc Archer

Leonard Rossiter

Name: Marc Archer
Position: Sweeper which allows him to rollock everyone in front of him on the field, including the referee.
Occupation: Making everyone's life hell during the season
Greatest Achievement: Turning a bunch of no-hopers into a well organized team good enough for promotion to DIV 2.
Nationality: Tight ersed Scots man fi St. Andrews.
Status: Lara be the girl, but how she puts up with him during the season, no one knows.
Supports Dundee United and The Kendall.
Favorite Player: Kieran, Lar, Brian Mc, Andras, Tierry, Kelliher, Ming....the ones who get all the minutes.
Least likely to say: I agree with you there, Ref. You made the correct decision and I apologise from the bottom of my heart for my tough tackle on their number 9. It would be fair if you showed me a yellow card.
Most likely to say: Come on lads, this is shite.....What the F%ck is going on?.....Pass the ball on the bloody ground.....Get back!......Extra running at training for this w@nk display.

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