John McElroy

Hot Shot Hamish John McElroy
Name: John McElroy
Position: Always onside.
Occupation: Onside stayer-on-er.
Greatest Achievement: Going the first 8 matches in 2003 without even a booking....then met a shite referee in the 9th match.
Nationality: Irish. 
Status: Onside.
Supports Metallica.
Favorite Player: Ian Sinclair and Donal Keane when they miss penalties. Hot Shot Hamish was very good too as is Peter Canavan.
Least likely to say: "I agree Donal. You should definitely be taking the penalties. A player of your poise, calmness and experience is perfect for such a high-pressure task even though I am dying to score....I'll even let you have some of my wing-dings the way...tell Quinner he was actually correct in that Physics argument we had the other day after training"
Most likely to say: "Fer fuck sake....I was onside...yer man dare in the middle kept me a mile on...and I was in my own half as well....and its when the ball is played that counts"

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