Joe Regan

Scott from Neighbours Josef Regan
Name: Joe Regan
Position: 1st team wait 2nd team.. hang on 1st..or is that 2nd....1st..2nd..1st..president..
Occupation: Fidelity Infidel
Greatest Achievement: Cohabiting with Rogers and working out a communication system where each understands what the f**k the other is saying..
Nationality: Terminal Culchie
Status: Two great loves, Ashling and Golfing (in no particular order)
Supports CCCP.
Favorite Player: I'm sure he's mentioned it, but who knows what the hell he's talking about.
Least likely to say: Let me say this loud and clear so that everyone understands.
Most likely to say: Mumble..mumble..mutter..Jaysus...Schikbereen..mutter..hummp mumble, ja'know like?

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