Ian Sinclair

Michael Bolton Ian Sinclair
Name: Ian Sinclair AKA "Ole Greedy Bastard"
Position: Anywhere in the oppositions box, usually on the goal line
Occupation: Thieving Scouser
Greatest Achievement: Scoring in about 100,000 games in a row for the Kendall last season and nearly securing the DIV 1 title on his own.
Nationality: English through and through
Status: Married to some Yank for the old Green Card deal.
Supports Either Everton or Liverpool
Favorite Player: Himself because he is the only player that he EVER passes to ....Ian to Ian, out to Ian...
Least likely to say: Lads, did you see that 30 yard slide rule pass that I played to Baz out on the wing. When his cross came over, I controlled it, took it around the 'keeper, and then I let Donal tap it into the empty net.
Most likely to say: Sorry mate, but the ball was there for putting away, even if it was 50% over the line.

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