Dave Weibe

Bert (Sesame Street) Dave Weibe
Name: Dave Weibe / Weeb / Webby....the list is endless
Position: Roving and attacking midfielder with a rocket-like shot.
Occupation: Some boring bank job.
Greatest Achievement: Making 3 games in a row for the third team in the fall season, or scoring a last minute equalizer against FC International.
Nationality: American.
Status: Practically married.
Supports Chelsea since he was a wee lad. Not the American soccer team after going all the way to Germany to see them get spanked in the World Cup.
Favorite Player: Has to be Rowan because he protects lil old Webby in the middle of the park.
Least likely to say: Lads, I can make every training session and game this season. No worries.
Most likely to say: Ah shite, I can't make training as I am stuck in work still.

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