Andras Petery

Andras Petery Ron Howard
Name: Anders/Andrash/Andrea
Position: Left sided utility man
Occupation: Well, he's certainly pre-occupied with the MLS cause
Greatest Achievement: Flying the flag for the New Mexico MetroStars
Nationality: Hungarian-American
Status: Carless in Beacon Hill
Supports Some Hungarian mob noone has every heard of
Favorite Player: John Kelliher - their double one-two leading to Kelliher's goal against FC Americana hints at a special understanding
Least likely to say: Its alright guys, I'll make my own way to training tonight
Most likely to say: Rumour has it that Real Madrid are about to offer Ronaldo, Michael Owen, Figo, Beckham and Zidane to the New England Revolution in exchange for Joey Franchino. This is a good deal for all parties involved. There is also a 3-year old kid in Alabama that is attracting a lot of attention from Arsenal, United and Liverpool scouts. He will probably be our centre-forward when the USA wins its 3rd successive World Cup in 2018

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