Kendall Wanderers F.C.

Article Section Club By-Laws
Article I
Club Name
Section 1.01 Club name is Kendall Wanderers Football Club.
Article II
Club Colors & Crest
Section 2.01 Club Colors to be Red, White and Black.
  Section 2.02 Official crest to be as seen on website.
Article III
Club Teams
Section 3.01 All Teams will be named Kendall Wanderers, unless otherwise compelled by respective leagues.
Article IV
Annual General Meeting
Section 4.01
A.G.M. Date
(a)Each year the Club will hold an Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) before the last day of February.
  Section 4.02
A.G.M. Chairman
(a)A.G.M. Chair to be appointed by Club Officers from outgoing committee.
  Section 4.03
A.G.M. Voting
(a)Only A.G.M. Attendees are eligible to vote at the ensuing A.G.M. Monies owed will be accepted on the day.
(b)Simple majority of A.G.M. Attendees required to vote in new By-Law in accordance with Section 4.03(a).
(c)Two thirds majority of A.G.M. Attendees required to change existing By-Law.
(d)All votes to be determined by show of hands or closed ballot unless a majority of A.G.M. Attendees decides otherwise.
  Section 4.04
A.G.M. Attendance Quorum
(a)A quorum of 15 club members must be present at the Kendall A.G.M. before the meeting can be conducted.
(b)If a quorum number of members is not present at the initial A.G.M. then an alternative date will be set for a second AGM which will take place irrespective of a quorum being met.
Article V
Club Officers
Section 5.01 The Club will have the following officers (herein referred to as 'The Committee'), to be elected at the A.G.M., who will be responsible for making all club decisions during the year.
The election of each officer will be voted on a "one by one" basis.
  • Club President
  • Club Secretary/Vice President
  • Club Treasurer
  • Assistant Club Treasurer
  • Club Public Relations Officer (P.R.O.)
  • Assistant Public Relations Officer
  • Fundraiser/Development Officer
  Section 5.02 No one person can hold more than two club officer positions simultaneously.
  Section 5.03 Nominations for Officers must be Proposed and then Seconded.

(a) If there is a proposal of a nominee who is not present, the proposer must assure the body of the prior consent of the nominee to the position.
  Section 5.04 Election of Club Officers shall be determined by a show of hands unless a majority of A.G.M. attendees request a ballot.
The committee may appoint someone to fill any vacancy that arises on the committee.
  Section 5.05 A nominee may only be elected to a club officer position, if he/she receives more than 50% of the overall eligible vote. In the event that no nominee receives more then 50% of the overall eligible vote in any given election, the nominee with the fewest votes will be eliminated from each vote until this is achieved.
  Section 5.06 If the position of a team owner is required by any official body, the Club President will be designated as the team owner.
If the league requires a separate owner for additional teams the committee shall appoint these owners.
Article VI
Team Managers
Section 6.01 The Team Managers will be appointed by the committee.
  Section 6.02 Team Managers will have the option to appoint an Assistant Manager.
  Section 6.03 If at any committee meeting, a simple majority believes a manager needs to be changed, the committee will have the power to do this.
Article VII
Fee Payment
Section 7.01 Annual fees will be determined by the committee.
  Section 7.02 Should payment not be received by the fourth game of the season then the committee may refuse player participation in games.
Article VIII
The check signers
Section 8.01 Club Treasurer & Assistant Club Treasurer are to be check signers.

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