Marty Collins, rest in peace old friend

The 2001 Kendall B Team - Marty is picture front and center.

The club would like to pay respect to the recent passing of former member of Kendall Wanderers FC, Martin "Marty" Collins.

Marty played with the Kendall from 1995 til 2002. He was a great teammate, a passionate player, and will be fondly remembered as a Kendall legend.

Below are a couple of fond memories/stories about Marty from past and present players...

From Joe Regan,

In 2002 we were playing in Danehy and Marty was playing one of his last games for the Bs where he was lined out on the right wing. As you can image his attendance at training wasn't exactly stellar but his enthusiasm made up for his questionable fitness. A prime example of that collision between his love of the game and his suspect fitness came late in the second half.

We were winning 2-1 and there was only about 5 minutes to go. The other team were bombarding our goal when suddenly the ball broke to me outside our box. Seeing that they only had one guy left at the back I sprinted with the ball to trying to launh an attack on the break. Noel ran with me on the left and when I got to to half way I lifted up me head to see who else was in support - there, about 20 yards behind me still in our half was Marty going at his top speed, legs moving at phenomenal rate, ground being made up at a much slower rate, like one of those characters in a cartoon trying to catch up with the break, huffing & puffing. . He caught one breath and seeing that there might be a sniff of a goal shouts out in his best accuser accent "wait for meee Joe... Wait for me". First and last time I ever saw someone trying to slow down a break on his own team.

A great character. RIP

From A Wood,

A significant loss indeed. Though I never had the opportunity to play with him, Marty was the reason I ended up playing for Kendall, after meeting him by chance at the Phoenix Landing during (what else?) a Liverpool match in 2004. I was new in town, and when I asked him if he could direct me to any clubs in the area, he gave me the link to the Kendall website. Sometime later, I remember hearing someone recount a great story about him scoring on a volley for the O30s, after which he apparently ran the length of the field yelling "I'VE STILL GOT IT! I'VE STILL GOT IT!".

RIP Marty.
From Chris Craven,

In 2003 or 2004 Marty was visiting Boston, and for old time’s sake we snuck him into an over 30s game, probably borrowing an ID from Aido, Anders, Donal, Mike Tallon, Dennis, or some other twin. I must admit that most of the games from that era have blended together into a general feeling of fun and camaraderie, but there was a moment in this particular game that still clearly stands out in my memory. It was a crackin’ goal that Marty scored late in the game from the left side about 5-10 yards outside the penalty box, or rather it was his celebration afterwards. A lesser man might have jumped around, pumped his fist in the air, screamed in glory, or performed some other mundane victory dance. Not Marty. Instead he just turned to his teammates and confidently exclaimed “I’ve still got it! I’ve still got it!”

Marty, I still smile when I think of you prancing around after that goal. It was a pleasure to have been your teammate for 10 great years… and you ALWAYS had it. Rest in peace, Marty.


We will also remember Marty as begin a true scouser and a huge Liverpool fan, so we'll leave you with this Marty...

You'll never walk alone old friend.

From all at Kendall Wanderers FC,
May you rest in peace

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