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Kendall Wanderers C 1 - 2 Druids

Match Statistics

BSSL Division Three
Veterans Field, Waltham
Kickoff Time:
Pitch Conditions:
Team Lineup:
Schwieder, Barltey, Flack, Doolin, Larson, Dromey, Mulkern, Jepson, Kennedy, Ashman, Flaherty
Costa, Jimenez, Chamas, Diiorio, Ali Alhazmi, Queenan, Burton
Team Formation:
Goal Scorers:
Jarrod Burton
Man of the Match:

Kicking off the second half of the season the C team travelled to Wonderful Waltham to take on the bloody Druids. Upon arriving at Veterans Field Complex a monsoon type wind sprung up, ensuring the days’ contest would be a scrappy one. Things started going downhill fast from there as a skinny apparition in yellow with hideously insulting ginger hair approached this correspondent to shake his hand. “Hi, I am the AR, best of luck today”. Recoiling in fear, and frantically glancing around for hand sanitizer to ensure immunity from the dreaded GG (Ginger Germ), I tried to figure out what AR stood for -Amateur Rapist? Armenian Raconteur? “It’s the linesman Eamo” someone said. I relaxed a wee bit, understandably uncomfortable at our potentially close proximity for the next 90 minutes.

The bloody Druids had a familiar look with the big lad up front and Keano’s pugilistic partner -and no stranger to a buffet- Igor swanning around. They even had their own token Ginger looking sad and forlorn on the wing. Kendall lined out in their innovative 4-4-2 formation with new guy Robbie in goals, 48 year old Bartley at right back and Tyler on the left. Two centre halves made a welcome return with Craig Larson returning from injury and Dave Doolin returning from the slight mental breakdown he had had upon realizing he just acquired a baby and a wife in the space of a couple of months. His recovery from PTSD is continuing and he has the full support of the club. Jepson and Kennedy filled the centre midfield berths with Dromey on the left and Mulkern on the right. Up front Flaherty was joined by Ashman, apparently no longer in hiding from his Bolivian creditors.

The Kendall started quite brightly playing into the aforementioned gale. Keeping the ball low they probed the bloody Druids, with Mulkern scampering like a gazelle and his counterpart on the other wing making angry, determined faces and giving the Ginger a torrid time. A couple of half chances came our heroes’ way, a notable one falling to Jepson just outside the box which he deposited in Belmont. Changes were rung with the manager keenly aware of the need to keep guys fresh so early in the season. Jay came in at the back, bearded Chamas in the middle, while diminutive young lad Burton enthusiastically hopped, skipped and jumped his way onto the field, whooping and hollering, happy to be back from his knee boo-boo. He was also happy to be away from the scarlet- headed AR (Agoraphobic Rastafarian?) who was prancing up and down the sideline with his liberal interpretations of every law of the game.

Half time saw the teams tied, with the mighty Kendall on the ascendancy. Stern, witty and reassuring words were spoken by the management team; while 53 year old Bartley offered sage advice and Kaptain Kennedy muttered something about Tallaght. A brief lecture about Gingers and their lack of souls was also offered with diminutive young lad Burton paying particularly rapt attention.

With the wind behind them Kendall looked to capitalize with early balls over the top to terrorize the Ginger and the rest of the bloody Druids defence. This tactic was to bear fruit with diminutive young lad Burton seizing onto a through ball and finishing with a cool confidence belying his 15 years. Much whooping and hollering ensued on the sideline until subs and management were dizzy and saw stars. This state of Hutchencian oxygen-deprived euphoria was not to last too long however as shortly after, a penalty was awarded for a handball by a Kendall defender. New guy Robbie was on hand (see what I did

there?) to make a smart save though and the follow up was cleared off the line by an heroic Kendall defender. Smelling salts were needed all round on the sideline.

The bloody Druids now had their tails up with tiredness and injury becoming a factor for the good guys. The equalizer came after a slip at the back and a poxy finish by one of them. Shortly after a second followed, with the Kendall defenders appealing in vain for offside. The crimson-maned AR (Anabolicly-steroided Rabbit-hunter?) was having none of it however, busy as he was watching an enthralling BSSC game in the neighboring pitch. The token ruby-head on the bloody Druids was ecstatic, looking quite like this :

The Kendall pushed forward for an equalizer with Ahmad having a chance and Doolin narrowly putting a header over the bar from a corner, but it was not to be. As the final whistle blew the rain fell down on our brave warriors dampening their hair and their souls. Hah! At least we are not Gingers….

By: Eamonn Fitz

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