Match Reports

Kendall Wanderers C 1 - 1 Sporting Wood

Match Statistics

BSSL Division Three
Madison High School, Boston
Kickoff Time:
"Beautiful Irish Morning"
Pitch Conditions:
Team Lineup:
Shibles, Bartley, Larson, Flack, Dromey, Mulkern, Phillipson, Jepson, Kennedy, Zaleski, Burton
D'iirio, Doolin, Jimenez, Weibe, Chamas
Team Formation:
Goal Scorer:
Brendan Mulkern
Opposing Keeper
Man of the Match:

It was just another beautiful Irish morning in Roxbury. The fog settled in on the Boston skyline reducing the normally picturesque backdrop into the grey. The mood was reserved during warmups, the loss to the Commoners still fresh in our minds, but confidence was budding as the minutes drew nearer to the sound of the whistle.

There was nothing poetic about the first 20 mins of the game. Some would say it was nerves, some a slow start but both sides had creativity like a nickelback record. Possession of the ball was reminiscent of a tennis match but eventually our training kicked in and the chances opened up. First shot on net materialized from quick work on the right wing from Cobhan. He intercepted a pass and turned it into a thru ball to Jarrod on the right side of the box, the angle was tight but he was able to get a chip in that the Sporting keeper cleaned up. A valiant effort from our back four and New keeper snubbed all Sporting Woods attempts on net. Bartley and Dromey allowed no crosses and Flack and Larson broke up the thru balls. The biggest scare on the Wanderer end came after a free header allowed that little bitch #18 to push the ball to the corner with their left winger number #12 came in with speed. He took a touch and Matt came sliding in only to watch the ball pop over and dance across the line and nik the post for a goal kick. Our best chance of the half was a solo effort from Weibe, a curling side of the foot shot that just cleared the bar. A couple half chances later led to the half and a speech from our fearless leader. Something about Sporting Wood being shite and us starting off on so forth #18 is a douche and so is the name sporting wood and it was time to put in another 45 solid mins.

This is where the hours at pine banks finally came through. The passing was crisp and accurate, Seany made hard tackles and scottie pushed the ball to the wings. Norman, Ben and Dean tirelessly won the possession and Toby and Jarrod made run after run. Finally the breakthrough came 20 mins into the 2nd half. The ball was worked up the left wing and Toby squeezed the ball up to Jarrod, surrounded by 3 defensemen and a goalie with little room he put a shot on target to the surprise of the Sporting keeper that could only punch the ball to the middle of the box, with all the hard work done the mostly ineffective Wanderer "Mulkern" finally....fucking finally put that size 5 where it feels most at home in the back of the opposition net. The solitary goal woke the ranks of Sporting, it was mostly a one sided attack from this moment on. Kendall dug in and denied assault after assault but newtons law came into effect and like every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. With moments left on the clock Sporting snuck a ball in the corner of the net. Heartbreaking to share the points with the Sporting pecker wood's but each game gets better and better and hopefully we'll finish off the season with a few wins.

I deeply apologize if I left someone out or forgot some important moments of the game but they are always a blur the second the game ends. I remember every mistake I make. A mix of exhaustion and anger doesn't help the memory receptors. Great work boys...YNWA!!!! You'll Never Wander Alone

By: Brendan Mulkern

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