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Kendall Wanderers A 3 - 1 UBH

Match Statistics

BSSL Division One
Veterans Field
Kickoff Time:
Pitch Conditions:
Team Lineup:
Paul, Jacob, Matty, Bobby, Ben L, Ben DS, Philly, Saint (Capt), Mo, Mark, Norbert, Erik, Gregg, Wes
Team Formation:
Goal Scorers:
Mark Nolan (2), Erik Lekstrom
Mo Keita
Man of the Match:
Mark Nolan with 2 goals that don’t count towards top scorer.

The Kendall A team keep the ball rolling with an empathic 3-1 win on Saturday over the Union Brew House. The As squared up with a tough UBH team for a chance to lift the BSSL Cup and keep their unbeaten status intact. The game started up with a bit of handbags as Phil “Da Gaffer” Keane got involved in heated exchange. After a few “For #$%@’s sake lino” were thrown out, you could feel the highly contested match begin to build up.

The tipping point came in the 20th minute as UBH got on to the score sheet first with a good exchange on the edge of the box and a tidy finish. Kendall had started worse of the two teams and needed to show real team spirit and determination. The As needed some creativity to unlock a well organized UBH team, which came in the form of Mo “The pocket rocket” Kieta. After receiving the ball with his back towards goal, he turned ur man and was on goal with a burst of pace. With a bit of cheekiness, he attempted to chip the keeper from the edge of the box only to see his shot ricochet of the crossbar… a small gasp was let out from the group of 10 girls who held a sign that read, “Go Mo… GO!” The most unlikely of finishers arrived on the scene, Mark “Fox in the box” Nolan. He showed his predatorily instincts and headed home the rebound.

You could feel the momentum change like Decky’s underpants after a night out on the piss. The Wanderers were now in the drive seat and pushing for their second. Ben “The Ging” DS came close with a half volleyed effort from 30 out that went whistling wide of the post. The As were rewarded for their constant pressure as Eric “Norbert’s friend” Lekstrom went on a 60 yard run, played a neat 1-2, then slotted home a cool finish with the outside of his boot.

The second half was void of many clear cut chances with Kendall’s solid back four consisting of Jacob “Now you see me, now you don’t” Ebbs, Norbert “Fancy feet” Guery, Matty “The quite assassin” Scheufele, and Bobby “Pretty boy” Picco keep the opposition at bay. Hostilities were on display again as ur man threw a ball in to the gaffer’s head... more pleasant exchanges followed. The wanderers responded with a finish that would end the contest. You could see the revenge in Nolan’s eyes, as he rewarded the gaffer who has shown faith in him despite his poor finishing thus far. He picked up the ball at half field and went racing off towards goal on a horse named Dalglish heading towards the mid table. In true Henry fashion, Mark opened up his body for a curling side net finish only to miss hit the ball and send it rolling past the goalie at his near post. Game. Set. Match. The home side deserved a tough fought victory after creating most of the game’s chances. Next up for Kendall, a tough challenge in the form of First Wave.

By: Pat (Saint) Day

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