Kendall Wanderers 'B'


Date Time Venue Opposition Score Report
Apr 2nd PPD Thayer Academy (South Campus), Braintree The Playwright FC n/a
Apr 9th 12pm Ceylon Park, Dorchester Blackbeard FC L 3-0 n/a
Apr 16th 10am MIT Field C (Grass), Cambridge MIT L 5-3 n/a
Apr 23rd 10am Ceylon Park, Dorchester Cambridge Arsenal FC L 3-2 n/a
Apr 30th 10am Boston University FC Americana (Cup 1st Round) L 2-1 n/a
May 7th 8am Citizens Bank Fields at Progin Park # 15 Lancaster First Wave L 1-0 n/a
May 14th 9am Wayland High School Grass Field MPS L 0-7 n/a
Jun 4th 10am Ceylon Park, Dorchester Groton House L 2-1 n/a
Jun 11th 12pm Madison Park High School, Boston Boyne Gunners L 7-1 n/a
Jun 18th 12pm Ceylon Park, Dorchester Kendall Wanderers A D 2-2 n/a
Jun 25th 2nd Make Up Game n/a
Aug 27 The Playwright FC n/a
Sep 10th 8am MIT Field C Grass, Cambridge Blackbeard FC L 5-2 n/a
Sep 17th 10am MIT Field C Grass, Cambridge MIT L 3-1 n/a
Sep 18th 10am Thayer Academy, Braintree Playwright Forfeit n/a
Sep 24th 5pm Thayer Academy, Braintree Cambridge Arsenal FC L 6-0 n/a
Oct 1st 10am Ceylon Park, Dorchester First Wave L 6-1 n/a
Oct 8th 10am Ceylon Park, Dorchester MPS L 8-0 n/a
Oct 15th 10am EMC Field, Franklin Groton House W 3-2 n/a
Oct 22nd 12pm Ceylon Park, Dorchester Battery Park Gunners L 5-0 n/a
Oct 29th 12pm Ceylon Park, Dorchester Kendall Wanderers A L 4-0 n/a

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