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Kendall Wanderers 'A' 1 - 1 Playwright

Match Statistics

BSSL Division One
East Boston Crucible
Kickoff Time:
2 pm
Pitch Conditions:
Terrible. Combination of sandpaper and carpet for the stairs.
Team Lineup:
Johnno, Mark Smethers, Paddy Curran, Pat Day, Paddy Shields, Matty S, James Canny, Kevin Gorham, Phil Keane, Mark Nolan, Ian Sinclair
Mo Kieta, Andy Sumner, Jonah, Shervin, Jesse Palma, Brain Dana, Derrick James
Team Formation:
4-4-2 (I think)
Goal Scorers:
Mark Nolan
Man of the Match:

A warm and sunny afternoon fixture for Kendall A vs a solid Playwright outfit in the plastic heat cauldron of East Boston Stadium. Kendall buoyed by 3 wins in 3 looked to continue their great start against Playwright. The field issued to us this week is definitely not a favorite for any team in the league and is like playing on a slightly spongy snooker table, bouncy but unable to take a cleat, it certainly dictates what type of football you can play and doesn't necessary make for the most exciting or eye catching games but as is usually is the case with football fields, it's the same for both sides. Kendall couldn't have hoped for a brighter start, from the whistle, Kendall looked bright and eager and fought hard for any loose ball. James Canny found plenty of early joy down the left side and was sprung free and delivered a peach of a cross low and early which Mark Nolan met sweetly and fired the ball in off the post before the keeper could blink. 1-0 up after 10 minutes. Playwright looked to get back into the game and held possession well but Kendall resolute with a solid shape snuffed out most of the efforts by Playwright and Kendall continued to move the ball well down the flanks when they got the ball down. However, the early goal was wiped out when a long punt forward by Playwright saw Paddy and Mark try and contain the threat from the Playwright forward who had latched on to the long ball, while still a good 25 -30 yards out with the defense shepparding the striker into looking backwards for help, he pulled off an accurate shot that caught everyone by surprise that bounced its way into the bottom corner. Kendall looked to reassert themselves but the bouncy field stopped any sort of quick counter as it gave the Playwright defense that second extra to nip in and stop Kendall attacks in their tracks. In fact this became a story for both sides as Kendall and Playwright struggled to get any sort of football played without the field having some impact on the quality. The first 45 ended with things all square.

It was unfortunately more of the same in the second half with both sides trying to force errors and use the field as an advantage, however both teams failed to threaten much and a stalemate developed with both sides unwilling to risk giving up much ground in search of a winner. The back four held firm and looked reasonably comfortable with anything thrown their way with Paddy and Pat Day again looking solid at the back with the willingness to get the ball down and distribute whenever they could. The wings didn't prove as fruitful in the second half and both teams settled into a pretty organized pattern and cancelled each other out. Any occasional foray forward from Playwright was cleared up by Johnno who seemed to forget he was playing on a surface similar to the texture of a Grit 4 sandpaper, without the protection of some Dimitri Kharines (I very much doubt Johnno has ever gone the Dimitri Kharine route). Johnno slid around the joint taking the majority of the skin from his legs in an effort to beat the "best Kendall rug burn award" from Eamonn Fitzgerald from the C's.

Kendall carved out some half chances but couldn't find the right balls to release Mo, Mark and Ian where they could use their pace and deception behind the Kendall rearguard. A pretty forgettable 45 minutes ended with Kendall dropping their first points of the season. However, with the glass half full mentality, I think we would have taken 10 points from the first 12 and we still remain unbeaten at the top of the pile and confident we can play with any side in the league and be in with a shout.

By: Andrew Sumner

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