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Kendall Wanderers C Vs Rovers October 24 2009

Match Statistics

BSSL League
Kickoff Time:
8.30 am
Rain, 55F
Pitch Conditions:
artificial turf
Team Lineup:
Sam Shoutis (GK), Ryan Williams, Craig Larson, Jeff Fiorenza, Dean Regrut, Dave Weibe, Sean Kelley, Josh Davis, Seamus Dromey, John Crowley, Peter Kaes
Chilli Ogbonna, Victor Perlin, Michael Kiziuk, Ryan Loveridge
Team Formation:
Man of the Match:
Seamus Dromey (3 goals)
Quote of the game:
"That kid's got his own gravitational force." - Rovers captain explaining why the ball seemed to make its way to Chilli’s feet so frequently.

Kendall got off to a strong start on the slippery pitch, with 5 unanswered goals in the first 30 minutes. Strong midfield play set up attack after attack, and controlled possession and tempo throughout the game. Sam Shoutis, with an injured leg, played in goal, but make-shift line-up got the job done.

Here's the goals, as I remember.

Kendal Goal 1: After a few minutes of possession and pressure in front of the Rovers penalty area, a ball was passed wide to the left and Seamus Dromey blasted the ball on the first touch. The low shot gave the keeper no chance, despite the tough angle.

Kendall Goal 2: John "my hat trick is better than your hat trick" Crowley blurred past the defense to get on a loose ball and neatly tucked on by the keeper from 14 yards out.

Kendall Goal 3: Chilli took the 3rd goal by outrunning one defender and pushing the another to the ground with his left "shoulder" (all legally, of course) just inside the left corner of the box. He hit a solid low shot beating the keeper to the far side before the defense could recover.

Kendall Goal 4: Quevey's scored as his corner kick went untouched into the side netting.

Kendall Goal 5: Chilli scored, but I don't remember how.

Rovers Goal 1: After a nice bit of play down their right flank, the attacking player turned the corner on the baseline, first looked to pass, then found an opening at the near post and fired one home.

At halftime, Kendall led 5-1.

Rovers Goal 2: Almost a repeat of the first goal. Rovers pushed on their right side with some nice pass work. The attacker approached from the corner about six yards from the baseline. The defense, anticipating a cross, left the near post exposed, and the attacker deftly exploited that opportunity.

Kendall Goal 6: With some quick ball movement in the midfield, we got over the top of Rovers defense's high line. Josh sent Weibe forward with a great long ball, Weibe sent a ball back to the middle, but it went too far. Out of nowhere, Seamus streaked in. With no angle to work with, it seemed unlikely that he's make a play on the ball, but he crushed it and found the back of the net again.

Kendall Goal 7: A nice cross from Quevey found Seamus open just inside the box. A nice touch to control the ball gave him plenty of time to line up his shot, which tipped the keeper's outstretched right hand before finding the back of the net.

Rovers Goal 3: A nice run of possession in midfield by Rovers had Kendall's defense on its heels. Finally, Rovers got an opening and took a shot from 25 yards out. The wet ball squeezed through your correspondent's legs, changing the direction of the ball and leaving the keeper out of position to make the save.

Kendall Goal 8: Chilli got the ball up front, and kept 3 defenders at bay while the supporting cast got into position.

Final Score: Kendall Wanderers 8 - 3 Rovers

By: Deano

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