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Kendall Wanderers 'B' 2 - 3 Blackbeard Football Club

Match Statistics

BSSL Division Two
Progin Park, Lancaster
Kickoff Time:
12:30 pm
Pitch Conditions:
Team Lineup:
Tim, Kenny, Nick, Mike, Barry, Andy Lawless, Dave Power, Joao, JK, James Canny, Danny Parks
Mike Tuttle, Mike Clifford, Paul Lyons, Jesse, Colm Caffrey, Paul Garvey, Shane Mc, Mick Murphy, Johnny Crowley
Team Formation:
Goal Scorers:
Mike Clifford (2)
Mike Clifford (2)
Man of the Match:
Mike Clifford

It was essentially the first game of the season with the postponing of the game the previous week. The coaches hoped the extra week would provide the team composed of a lot of new faces with more time to gel. And so it was that the team would be challenged against Blackbeard FC.

The game started out evenly matched, with neither team showing real intent to score. Kendall would start the game in a 4-5-1 formation, and it seemed that without a second forward, the team was a bit undermanned up front as Blackbeard was happy to keep possession in the back. It was out of this lull, however, that the first goal of the game was scored. Blackbeard worked the ball up the field and slipped the ball past the defense for the forward to touch it around the keeper and tap the ball. From that point on, Blackbeard was content to sit back again for the rest of the half. Kendall, meanwhile, decided to make a change and switch to a 4-4-2 to add some more bite to its attack. The extra forward helped the team spend more time in the Blackbeard half, but Kendall lacked ideas and execution in the last 3rd of the field. Blackbeardís giant keeper was content to eat up any crosses and was never really tested with any shots from the outside. The home teamís attacking midfield and forwards didnít really test the defense with any dribbling either, attempting instead to breakthrough with the pass and cross. It was a lackluster first half with good possession by Kendall not rewarded by any real chance at goal.

After half, Kendall started trying to be the more attacking side, but Blackbeard defenders did well to keep the Wanderers in front of them thus preventing any real danger. Blackbeard only showed occasional signs of danger, as in the first half, but it was the visiting team that made the most of its chances again. With one of the few attacks they had early in the 2nd half, Blackbeard had luck go its way when one of the forwardsí shots betrayed the keeper by deflecting off of a defender. The 2-0 scoreline seemed a bit unfair as though the home team may not have deserved to be winning, it certainly did not deserve to be down by two goals. Kendall almost hit right back, but Joao missed an easy one on one opportunity against the Blackbeard keeper, opting to try to shoot instead of dribbling around the tall, bulky keeper. To make matters worse, Blackbeard made it 3-0 soon thereafter with a rebound after a thunderous strike hit off the Kendall woodwork. It was at this time that the manager decided to make a change in the center of the park and make a set of substitutions. Among them was Mike Clifford, who had an immediate effect on the midfield. With the Blackbeard defense starting to tire, Mike began to take on defenders and force them to defend one on one. With this new tactic of attack, Kendall began to dominate the possession and spent the rest of the half inside Blackbeardís half. The possession paid dividends too as Kendall finally scored their first goal. Mike gathered the ball at the top of the box and with his back to the goal turned on the ball to fire into the corner. The goal gave Kendall renewed energy, and a second goal came soon thereafter. Mike started on a mazy run in midfield and dribbled past 3 Blackbeard defenders and juked the keeper to reduce the deficit to 1Ö3-2 now. But Kendall were now playing against the clock as well as the defense, and Blackbeardís cheeky time wasting techniques were enough to hold onto the win. A sour game for Kendall, but the last 20 minutes were a positive sign of the potential of the team.

By: Joao

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