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Kendall Wanderers 'C' 4 - 2 West Town Rockets

Match Statistics

BSSL Division Two
Danehy Park, Cambridge
Kickoff Time:
10 am
Crisp and Autumnal
Pitch Conditions:
Tora Bora Mountain Range, Afghanistan
Team Lineup:
Finlay, Kilbride, Queenan, Taylor, Fitzgerald, Regrut, Sumner, Parks, Dromey, Brown, Roche
Kiz, Kabue, Kilpatrick, Kelly (Apologies to those who I have missed)
Team Formation:
Goal Scorers:
Sumner, Brown, Kilpatrick, Taylor (Pen)
Brown (Sumner), (Brown) Unassisted, Roche (Kilpatrick), Taylor (Pen)
Man of the Match:
Danny Parks

On a lovely fall morning of the 11th of October, Kendall C strolled to the familiar Danehy park to try and continue its two game winning streak. In fact, some were worried if the C team could keep up the intensity after the emotional roller coaster from the past two games. The pitch looked far better than the dreaded Danehy sandpit. But upon closer inspection, the field's patches and bumps looked more like giant sandpaper rather than the smooth pitches Kendall had grown used to.

The first ten minutes started of decently well for Kendall. While it certainly helped that West Town was slow in getting a full squad on the field, the red kept pressure in the offensive third. The strikers were hassling West Town's defenders, who were having quite some trouble playing the on the rough pitch. A combination of West town misplays and Kendall position and hustle gave Jessie and Brian some early chances. Both happened inside the penalty box but neither striker could get a quality turn and solid shot on net.

As the first half progressed, Kendall started to fall into bad habits. Frustrations from trying to play quality ball on the rough field lead to playing longer balls rather than the simple ones; causing Kendall to lose its dominance. West Town picked up the slack and began pressuring the Kendall defense. Maybe it was the previous games or maybe it just wasn't a good day for Kendall's back line, but West Town's started getting chances despite their lackluster play.

The first goal fell for West town after a highly uncharacteristic breakdown by Kendall's center backs. A long ball was served high in the air from West Town and came down sharply about 25 yards away from the goal. The first ball was understandably difficult to play, but after that Steve and MIke proceeded to wiff three or four clear attempts. The ball continued to roll toward the top of box where a West Town offender easily put the ball in the side of the net.

The goal gave West Town more confidence and the second goal came came durning what seemed like an endless stream of corner kicks. After a near post punching save (that nearly took Eammon's head off), the darks served in another ball to the front of the six yard box. Unluckily, the ball skimmed awkwardly off Kendall's own defender sending the ball directly into the net, past a mis-positioned and flatfooted keeper.

During the half time Andy lit into team. He made it perfectly clear that our heads were just not in the game. To have a better second half, every player would need to step up. Steve Taylor agreed and offered some words of encouragement to lessen Andy's harsh words.

Kendall started off the second half significantly better. Even though they were not playing top quality ball, heads were up, players were talking, and pessimism was kept at bay. Every minute Kendall was inching further toward West Town's goal, getting better chances, and more importantly gaining confidence. But, the strikers were getting impatient. Chance after chance the ball was rolling just of the reach of Kendall boots and into the keepers hands.

Fortunately, that luck was about to change. About 15 minutes into the half, Andy received the ball around the left edge of West Town's penalty box. After getting some space between himself and the defender he took the difficultly angled shot and gracefully lollipop-ed the ball over the keeper to the far side netting.

With a point on the board, the goals started to fall. Jessie again hustled his way to a goal -- stealing the ball away from a defender and (taking a queue from Andy) looped the ball over the keeper and into the goal. Later, Killer gave a quick outlet to Brian who foot-raced past the defender. Near the goal Brian made an easy pass across the 6 yard line back to Killer -- who settled the ball, eyed up the keeper, finished up that book he had been reading, and then firmly placed the ball in the back of the net. Kendall's last goal came from a pk and Steve Taylor had to score twice to convince the referee to give him the goal. He was a little trigger happy the first time.

The only other excitement came in the last few minutes when a West Town striker got free of a defender and began his break toward goal. He pushed the ball a bit too far in front giving Tim an opening to slide in and claim the save. But the striker was desperate and stupidly slid in -- way too late to have a chance on the ball. Angry shouting lead to few light shoves which lead to Kiz flying in to save the day (and mob one of the West Town players). In the aftermath the referee awarded Kiz and the West Town striker red cards, and quickly ended the game to prevent anything else from getting out of hand.

So yet again Kendall came away with a come-from-behind win. As long as they continue to play the same quality football (for at least some of the game) and don't pick up any more red cards they could have a vastly improved second half of the season.

By: Tim Finlay

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