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Kendall Wanderers 'C' 1 - 3 Playwright

Match Statistics

BSSL Division Two
Madison Park High School, Roxbury
Kickoff Time:
Monsoon like
Pitch Conditions:
Team Lineup:
Finlay, Fitzgerald, Frechette, Curley, Kabue, Parks, Sumner, Weibe, Roche, Regrut, Brown, Kilpatrick, McFeeley
Team Formation:
Goal Scorers:
Man of the Match:
Tim Kabue

Despite rain of biblical proportions, surprisingly the Playwright vs Kendall game was still on, the weather would surely effect the attendance and the gate was low, with approximately 2 people braving the elements to watch the rematch of highly contested fixture in the spring season. That game had a seen the Kendall blow up in extraordinary circumstances, up 2-1 against the much fancied Playwright side, Kendall leaked a goal and then began pressing panic buttons and jumping over the side of the boat amidst chaotic scenes, players wearing flippers, blindfolds and those large foam slippers in the shapes of footballs that you can get of’t market, circus music began playing and it really was a stage version of Keystone Cops. The Kendall submitting to defeat 6-2.

However a resurgent Kendall squad had been bolstered by some new signings and a series of good results of late and looked for revenge against an organized and talented Playwright side. The game was being played on field turf and the rain continued to pour as the Hurricane Kyle passed just off shore, dumping its load on Beantown. Players from the previous game ambled off looking like they had just been dragged out of the Bearing Sea by the local Coastguard. Dead dogs and small children could be seen flowing down the gutters around the park and in one corner of the nearby estate an evangelical man with a large grey beard was cobbling together a large wooden vessel out of the siding from his home while two Madagascan ring-tailed Lemurs patiently waited for him to finish......

Kendall where under strength with players missing and Tim Finlay was fracturing driving laws as he hightailed it down 93 to get his gloves on and get between the pipes. A brief cameo from Touchy McFeeley bought some time while Tim suited up. Kendall had the better of the early exchanges. Challenges flying in and not giving playwright any respect whatsoever. With the absence of new fathers and center half duo, Steve Taylor and Mike "Queeno" Queenan, Justin Frechette and Mike Curley paired up with Eamon at left back and Tim Kabue making his Kendall debut at right back. Kendall quickly nullified any Playwright attack and began imposing themselves on Playwright like a lairy drunken hormonal prom date. Getting change from forays down both flanks, a quick attack saw Brian Roche blast a shot marginally wide of the post and Kendall began to breed confidence. Jug eared Michael Phelps was on the next field doing the individual medley but Kendall continued to focus in on the Playwright goal. Another corner amounted from the pressure and Andy Sumner flashed the ball wide. With a head the size of a large kids Space Hopper, you would expect the midfield man to do better. The Playwright playmaker (hmmm that roles off the tongue) was well marshaled in the middle by Danny Parks who let him know he was there constantly with a few knocks and subtle kidney punches every time he received the ball. The passing was sharp and movement was good and it was clear Kendall where not here just to get wet through and play second fiddle to Playwright. In fact Kendall can't play second fiddle to anybody due to their distinct lack of fiddle playing ability and the recent downturn in local fiddle manufacturing and distribution in New England.

A volleyed first time pass by Parks took Curley by surprise and the ball zipped past the high line Kendall was holding and skidded through towards goal. A foot race ensued, resulting in a low poked shot creeping past the onrushing Finlay into the goal. Against the run of play, Kendall had to step up and find an equalizer. The heads didn't drop and Kendall set about Playwright with urgency, Wiebe making great progress down the right and Johnny Kilpatrick adding a different look to the forward line. A quick free kick caught PFC sleeping and Brian Roche weaved down the left side sending an early cross in to the mixer, the ball glanced off a defender's head but Killer kept his eye on the prize and arrived perfectly to head past the wrong footed keeper. 1-1 and well deserved. Kendall continued to press and Playwrights attacks became more fragmented as the disruptive Kendall style stopped any flowing football from the opposition. As PFC advanced on goal, an inoxious challenge in the Kendall box by Tim Kabue resulted in a penalty. From my viewpoint, a harsh decision but despite Finlay's best efforts, the ball was dispatched neatly into the back of goal. The half time whistle blew bringing to close the first half, buoyed by their goal and thoroughly enjoying getting their fair share of the first half encounter Kendall came in for half time with plenty of impetus going into the second 45.

Aqua continued to fall from the heavens, hard driving rain, no point taking refuge anywhere as everyone was already soaked to the bone. Even the surface began retaining water as the players took to the field again, sloshing back to their positions. Kendall where looking to hold fast, contain the dangerous Playwright while looking for another equalizing goal. Brain Roche continued to cause problems up front, not giving the Playwright back line a moments peace, pick pocketing lackadaisical defenders like a late 1800's Dickensian street urchin. As the 2nd half wore on, Kendall began to look like they could squeeze out a draw against the heavily favored Playwright. Tim Kabue continued his excellent debut with some quality deliveries from an advanced right back position. Unfortunately the Kendall pressure only resulted in half chances and shots from distance, the didn't trouble the keeper. Meanwhile the Kendall rearguard held firm, Justin Frechette and Mikey Curley keeping the pacey PFC forwards in check.

The deluge continued, as did the Kendall pressure, just like Sarah Palin loves the smell of freshly hollowed out baby otter skulls, so does the Kendall enjoy a good old fashioned goal mouth scramble. The ball pin-balling around in the box, Roche flicked the ball goal-wards with the goalkeeper on the floor from his initial first save, the ball popped up on the goal line and needed one more rotation to have the momentum to carry over the line. Roche looked to launch himself over the prostate keeper, however, the keeper lurched backwards from the floor and caught the ball on the goal line. Everyone looked around in disbelief as Kendall's best chance went begging. It seems as it was not to be.

With time running out and the result looking out of reach, more real estate became available between the Kendall midfield and the back line, with only a few ticks left on the clock, the speedy PFC center forward, got the opportunity that had eluded him for the majority of the 2nd half due to the excellent Kendall defense. He skipped through on goal and again slid the ball expertly past Finlay making the score line 3-1. Although PFC where probably worth their victory. A 3-1 score line probably reflects unfairly on a dogged Kendall display and even the defeat and weather couldn’t dampen the spirit of the C team who have clearly become a lot harder to beat and put in a determined effort against the league leaders. The referee blew for full time and I would expect PFC where glad for their insurance goal and the final whistle after a hard fought game. As the onset of Pneumonia began and sodden kit was taken off, Rowan and Andy addressed the team and expressed how good a team performance it was and how performances like that will yield 3 points against most other BSSL Div 2 opponents. McFeeley then put on his speedo laser suit, whilst everyone else began making Bear Grylls style rafts from goalposts and corner flags to find their way back to dry land and the toasty confines of their vehicles.

By: Andy Sumner

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