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Kendall Wanderers 'C' 3 - 1 Kendall Wanderers 'B'

Match Statistics

BSSL Division Two
Pine Banks Field, Melrose, MA
Kickoff Time:
8 pm
Cool, damp, foggy night
Pitch Conditions:
Team Lineup:
Rowan, Justin, Steve, Eamonn, Curley, Dan, Stoppers, Sumner, Kiz, Brian, Killer
Tim, Dean, Kevin, Jesse, Weibe, Tony, Ronan, Little Tony, Queeno
Team Formation:
Goal Scorers:
Brian Roche (2), Jesse Brown
Man of the Match:
Brian Roche

"A team is as strong as the relationships within it. The driving force of a team is its member's ability to create and maintain excellent relationships within the team that can add an extra dimension and robustness to the team dynamic. This attitude can be used by our team to focus on the gratitude and the vitally important benefits that the team brings to our own lives. It can be used to strengthen and deepen the relationships within it and maximize the opportunities that await a strong and united team." - Arsene Wenger

With an unlucky result against Playwright in their mind, despite a spirited and skilled display, the Kendall Wanderers third team shrugged off the disappointment and produced a dominating display en route to a 3-1 victory over their second team counterparts. With the three points, the thirds are now a point behind the fifth placed seconds squad and have built up a colossal amount of confidence in the fight to remain in the second division.

With the match being made up on a Wednesday night in the solitary confinement of the trusty turf field at Pine Banks, it was all business in the minds of the third team. With fog rising off of the turf after a rainy day, the scene was reminiscent of the early morning prove-yourself match between the JV and Varsity squads in The Mighty Ducks III. Kendall C had lost in the spring to the seconds 4-1 in a display where they were mostly dominated and had little chance for a result. With a new-look squad that was playing superb football as of late, it seemed difficult to accept that this could happen this time around.

The dual gaffers set their lineups and from the get-go, both teams looked for early domination in the middle of the park with nerves running high. Kendall C soon started to gain an inch with the back four of Steve, Justin, Eamonn, and Curley providing the assurance needed for makeshift keeper Rowan Touchy-Feely to know that no cheapies were going to get into the net on this night.

As the thirds continued to press into the offensive third, whipping in crosses and having a clear chance blocked off the line, the seconds quickly countered and grabbed a goal well against the run of play as Yooki cooly slotted home. This clearly would have rattled the thirds in the Spring season, but with their best football being played lately, this only represented a small cog in what has become a well-oiled machine of intelligence, effort, and spirit.

The thirds knew that they would not settle for a loss or a draw and not long after, a long diagonal ball was whipped in to Brian Roche. The cheeky, speedy striker took the bouncing ball off of his chest into the top left of the box, eyed up the far right corner, and unloaded a perfectly placed volley into the side netting to even the score at one all.

With this, the thirds were ignited with a craze of winning mentality and the best football was yet to come. After a few changes with Dean, Weibe, and Jesse coming in midway through the half, fresh legs and an appetite for destruction would prove far too much for the seconds. Jesse didnít miss a beat in coming in as he pressed the back four with incredible pressure and hustle. It did not take long to pay off as he forced the center back to cough up the ball and slotted home at the near post as he fell to the turf. Two - one to the third team at the half.

With a slender halftime lead, the thirds displaced all memory of the famous meltdown against Playwright in the Spring, when the held the same margin at the half and went on to lose 6-2. The speeches from Rowan, Andy, and Stevie urged the squad to continue to dominate 50/50 balls and play smart, safe football.

The second half lineup was similar to the first and the thirds started right where they left off, winning the majority of the tackles and keeping their lead safe. Not long into the half, Stoppers was found on the wrong end of a hard challenge and looked to be seriously injured. Leaning over the turf, the extreme pain soon turned into dedication to a winning result and he carried on.

The mission at that point was to find the goal that would make their lead more comfortable (and cease the anxiety attacks of Killer on the sideline who so badly wanted to win). After winning a free kick just across the halfway line, this moment was to come to fruition. Steve Taylor launched a trademark curling left footer to the back post where Brian was again on hand to knock a perfectly placed header across the goal into the far netting. Three to one. The boys on the sideline went absolutely apeshit and the greatest moment in Kendall C history was on the horizon.

With the spirit of the side ever increasing, the thirds continued to scrap and win balls on the ground and in the air for the remaining minutes. Finally the whistle blew and history was made for the third team. An amazing result and a true testiment to the spirit and dedication of every member in the squad. So amazing that even John Law demanded to know every detail of the win the following morning.

By: Dave Weibe

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