Match Reports

Kendall Wanderers 'C' 3 - 1 Harvard Medical

Match Statistics

BSSL Division Two
Arlington High School
Kickoff Time:
10 am
Pitch Conditions:
Good shape
Team Lineup:
Finley, Law, Queenan, Taylor, Curley, Parks, Stopforth, Kizuik, Dromey, Sumner, Lohin
Kilpatrick, Nyaku, Regrut, Brown, Corcoran
Team Formation:
Goal Scorers:
Kizuik, Lohin, Law
Man of the Match:
Andy Sumner

Fresh from the quality play and points earned from the matches last weekend, the Kendall C players entered the final game of the half season with smile on their faces, and rightfully so. The weather was a bit wet and cool for a Summer day but very well suited for football. Dean had pulled some of his Arlington strings and gave us the convenience of playing at the nearby Arlington High School. The turf field was in good shape, though heavily crowned and lined for American football.

It was good that the match wasn't held in the far reaches of Progin Park since Kendall had to call the second team to fetch the white kit. Fortunately they arrived well before kickoff and Kendall C was ready to take on the late-arriving Harvard Medical squad.

The match started well for Kendall. In the first ten minutes Andy started off a lovely bit off football with a long diagonal cross to Dan on the right wing. Dan sped down the sideline giving his teammates some time to get into the box before releasing a gorgeous cross over the keeper to the far post. Very unlike training, Kendall's offenders had timed their runs well and Kiz easily headed the ball into the bottom right of the net.

After the goal Kendall continued to control the game; however, they did not consistently maintain the quality of play established earlier. The squad alternated between beautiful possessions and sloppily played long balls. The defense too had its ups and downs, squelching most of Harvard's feeble attempts at offense, yet letting a couple of chances through that a better squad could have finished.

The whites would have had an uneasy half-time if it wasn't for the second goal. The play started with an easy roll out of the keeper's hands to Mike Curley. He played the ball into Andy Sumner, who did well to hold the ball then turn quickly to gain some separation from his defender. Again Andy played a lovely through ball to Mike Lohin who sped past his defender and firmly placed the ball past the keeper's outstretched hands.

The management and captain did well to keep Kendall level headed at half-time. They praised the team for the goals and control of the ball, yet pointed out the sloppiness that could easily lead to a Harvard goal.

The Kendall defense responded well in the second half, solidifying the line and doing a much better job at clearing the ball than the first half. The offense and midfielders kept up the hustle and movement to space, but too often choose to play the fancy rather than simple ball. Kendall still controlled the game, but had far fewer 8-10 touch possessions which had highlighted the first half.

Halfway through the period Johnny Law gave Kendall a commanding lead with a cracker from 30 yards out. Some would say he kicked the ball just like Zeus mightily throws lightning bolts in the sky, and others would say that he nearly ripped the 'ol onion bag. But all would agree it was a helluva shot ripped from the right side of the penalty box, well out of reach of the keeper, that only ever-so-slightly dipped before authoritatively nailing the upper left corner. Unlocking emotions that had lain dormant for years, Johnny ripped off his jersey (exposing his nearly as white self) and air-planed back to his side in celebration.

For another 10-15 minutes Kendall ran on the emotional wave from Johnny's goal, but became complacent and very sloppy toward the end of the game. Again the ball wasn't getting cleared and a few players seemed to be actively trying to pass the ball toward Harvard rather than their own teammates. Andy again asserted himself, dropping back to help defend, preventing a few chances from coming to fruition with quality tackles.

With two minutes left, a harmless ball forward by The Meds was picked up by Brian. Oh shit! A half assed attempt at winning the ball was lost and the Harvard striker nipped in and pulled back a consolation goal.

Some of the most notable efforts were Mike Lohin's fancy footwork up front, Jessie's calm possessions, Killer's runs across the back line, Mawuli's constant hustle and pestering, Kiz's wins in the middle and well placed passes, and Andy's role in both the goals and late-game defending.

The most outstanding moment of the game had to be Johnny's goal. Definitely a contender for goal of the season at this early stage.

Overall it was a well earned win that Kendall can take positively into the second half of the season.

By: Tim Finley

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