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Kendall Wanderers 'C' 5 - 4 Groton House

Match Statistics

BSSL Division Two
Progin Park, Lancaster
Kickoff Time:
12 pm
Beautiful Sunny Day
Pitch Conditions:
A tad long, but otherwise perfect
Team Lineup:
McFeeley, Kabue, Frechette, Taylor, Curley, Weibe, Sumner, Stopforth ,Regrut, Brown, Roche
Wood, Kilpatrick, Fitzgerald, Kiz, Little Tony, Queenan, Durackis, Kelly, Parks
Team Formation:
Goal Scorers:
Brian Roche (3), Jesse Brown, Johnny Kilpatrick
Man of the Match:
Brian Roche

Authors Note: To avoid controversy the author will refrain from Arsenal manager quotes, ridiculous metaphors and hyperbole, and idle speculation as to which direction the play was running...

Buoyed on by a big mid week win, the C team headed out to Progin Park for the first time this fall season to face Groton House. A narrow 2-1 defeat of the Kendall was the result the last time these two met and the team was anxious to avenge that result and keep their good run going.

Sunny blue skies greeted the boys in Lancaster while the fields looked perfect after the summer, if a little long. Before the game the C team joined members of the B team in watching the A team hammer Carico in a clinical performance to see them retake top spot in their division.

With a new look back five Kendall Wanderers took the field. Rowan filled in for Tim between the sticks while Justin Frechette ( or Batman as he is for some reason known) lined up beside Steve Taylor in the middle. Tim Kabue and Michael Curley filled the full back berths. Andy Sumner and Dave Stopforth were in the engine room while Dave Weibe and Dean Regrut were on the left and right wings respectively. Up front saw Jesse Brown paired with Brian Roche (Burt Ward to Justin's Adam West). A plethora of subs awaited on the sideline ensuring a constant supply of fresh legs.

The C team began very scrappily with a lot of misplaced passes and nervousness on the ball. Kendall seemed to find it hard to get used to the longer surface and a lot of balls were under hit. This caused a lot of consternation on the side line and careful video analysis afterwards shows Johnny Kilpatrick coming quite close to a coronary episode on a number of occasions. Groton were proving to be a tough hard working team, quick to close down and put the pressure on, while their Richard Seymour sized centre half was hoovering up everything that came his way.

Controversy brewed in the 5th minute, a tough tackle by Sumner saw the opposition midfielder crumpled in a heap on the centre circle. As Andy walked away the player bravely got on his knees and slapped the Kendall player on his calf, obviously spying a pesky bug there. The ref, starting a trend of odd decisions, ignored the retaliation and allowed the free to stand.

Finally the C team started to put some passes together and were rewarded after 15 minutes when nice work on the left saw Weibe play a lovely ball into Brian's path. The striker still had some work to do but slotted a cool finish past the keeper. Prior to the restart injury caused a reshuffle at the back with Eamonn replacing the injured Tim and Mike moving to right back. More substitutions followed shortly with Kiz, Sean and Killer replacing Dean, Andy and Jesse. These changes paid off handsomely on 30 minutes as Kiz played a fine ball through to Killer who barely broke stride as he put away number two.

These goals seemed to rejuvenate Groton, however, who pressed forward menacingly. Kendall again seemed to sink into their earlier malaise and were twice punished before half time. Both Groton goals came from a failure to clear balls around the C team area and neither shot gave Rowan a chance in goal. Kendall went into the half time break disappointed to be level but aware that their performance didn't deserve much better.

After receiving a cockney tongue lashing from Captain Steve Taylor at half time along with a Rowan bollicking, Kendall started the second half determined to eradicate the sloppiness of the first half. Some reshuffling of the ranks saw Sean Kelly in midfield along with Andy while Weeeeeebs moved to the right with Little Tony on the left flank.

The early exchanges showed that the team talk at half time worked with Kendall looking much sharper, retaining possession and actually playing the ball to feet.

Kendall's third came about 5 minutes into the half; a precision 30 yard pass (a hopeful punt!) from Steve Taylor was flicked on by Brian up front. Jesse quickly latched onto the loose ball and the boys were 3-2 up. The lead was not for long however, a long throw-in was again not dealt with adequately and somehow the afore-mentioned Richard Seymour-esque centre half was allowed to pirouette in the box like a ballerina to fire a low shot past Row in goals. Level again and there was a sense that the goals weren't finished.

The author is now starting to lose track of the goals and thanks to a bad memory and Donal Keane's beautiful cloud shots with the camera the only description of Kendall's fourth that can be offered is that a nice over the top ball from Tim (back on to replace the injured Curley) was nicely controlled by Brian (The Boy Wonder?) who probably finished with aplomb.

4-3 to the C team.

Groton almost immediately equalized but a header was ruled out for offside, one of a couple of decisions that started to infuriate the opposition. More changes for the Kendall, Kiz came onto the left flank, Kevin on the right and Killer slotted in up front. A fourth for Groton wasn't long in coming though and it had a familiar feel to it, a ball in and around the area yet again was not dealt with, this time a shot from just outside the box looped into the top left corner.

Bouncebackability is not a real word, just one used by stupid Premiership managers. If it was real we could probably use it to describe the C team in this game. Instead of heads dropping after conceding yet another equalizer Kendall kept plugging away confident of getting a winner. With about 2 minutes left on the clock it came, a free kick about 30 yards out was taken quickly and a beautiful ball was floated to the back post. Brian arrived perfectly on time and made no mistake with the header, a hat trick for the new arrival (and no more caped crime fighter references will be used).

Rather uniquely for this game the C team managed not to concede an equalizer in the time remaining and a roller coaster game ended 5-4 to the Kendall. The lads left the field happy with the points and feeling a bit lucky. A draw probably would have been the fair result, but it was nice to get revenge for the defeat earlier on in the season

By: Eamonn Fitzgerald

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