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Kendall Wanderers 'B' 0 - 1 Union Brew House

Match Statistics

BSSL Division Two
Progin Park, Lancaster, MA
Kickoff Time:
10 am
Very hot and humid
Pitch Conditions:
Team Lineup:
Gerard Maher, Nick Sze, Kenny McCarthy, Andy Lawless, Mick McCormack, Ray Kim, Rob McAuley, Dave Power, Mick Murphy, Phil O'Driscoll, Jonathon Kelliher
James Canny, Noel Coffey, Tyler Dennison, Joe Regan, Aaron Bair
Team Formation:
Goal Scorers:
Man of the Match:
Kenny McCarthy

Kendall arrived in Lancaster on a picture perfect Saturday morning, but the clear sky and tepid air were not symbolic of the events that were to unfold on the pitch. Their opponents, UBH, started with a dearth of players but were the quicker team out the gate, and only some fine work from from the back five of Gerrard, Andy, Kenny, Nick, and Mike kept them subdued. Around the quarter-hour mark, it became apparent that the ref was completely incompetent as he handed out yellow cards for the smallest fouls (or non-fouls in some instances). Despite the odious officiating, Kendall began to settle into the game, with the midfield of RB painting(licensed and insured), Dave, Mick, Yooki, and Phil doing their best to drive play forward and supply our lone forward, JK, with quality service.

Unfortunately, they couldn't turn their improved play into something tangible and UBH took a half-chance and some fortuitous deflections to put Kendall in the hole, 1-nil. That scoreline held going into half-time.

Kendall started brightly in the second half, as UBH looked tired and undermanned. However, their positive play didn't result in any gilt-edge chances.

The referee changed the dynamic of the match again by sending off a UBH player (whom I doubt will be seen in the BSSL again, based on his nutjob response to the red). With a man advantage, Kendall continued to press for that elusive goal and after JK was fouled in the box, it appeared the tide had finally turned. Kenny was selected for the spot-kick, but, surprisingly put it just above the upper right corner.

Despite the penalty miss, the lads/guys continue to put UBH under pressure and their efforts were rewarded when a second penalty was awarded for the most nonchalant hand-ball in the history of Football. James stepped up to take the penalty, but sent the ball just outside the post.

Once again, Kendall showed impressive resiliency and kept the pressure up. However, the referee gave Kenny ridiculous second yellow and the game was essentially over.

Kendall put in an admirable effort, but sometimes the ball just won't get over the line. It was certainly a disappointing result, but at the end of the day, the team shouldn't hang their heads.

By: Tyler Dennison

P.S. As a result of my flakiness this report is ridiculously late, and I couldn't remember who was game in for the first 11. I apologize if I neglected the Substitutes' significant contribution to the game.

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