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Kendall Wanderers 'B' 12 - 1 Groton House

Match Statistics

BSSL Division Two
Progin Park, Lancaster, MA
Kickoff Time:
10 am
Pitch Conditions:
Team Lineup:
Ger, Kenny, Mike Mac, Tyler, Noel, Phil, Dave, RB, Yooki, JK, Paul
Mick, Aaron, Aido, Canny, Zura, Crowley
Team Formation:
Goal Scorers:
John Crowley(3), Chris Zura(3), Rob McAuley(2), Michael Murphy, Johnathan Kelliher, James Canny, Aiden Finnan
Man of the Match:
Against a team of 7??
Aaron Bair

2008 ushered several veteran Kendall B players to the glue factory, affectionately referred on the Kendall site as the Over30s team, and brought in several younger players to jumpstart the team into division 2 contention. Nevertheless, a weak staffed Groton House team, 7 players total, provided enough bait to lure one Aidan Finnan from the Roslindale diaper circus to Progin Park for one more game away from the O30s.

Despite a stellar start to the season, Kendall B had started its last two games with a careless flatness that seemed to put each match in jeopardy from the outset. Consequently, the pre-match warm-up was lengthened to fix the only weakness showing thus far in the early season.

So with 11 against 7, Kendall kicked off, ready to mark 3 pts to the division board. Despite the numbers and the warm-up, habits were hard to shake. Groton House, with a short-staffed team, fed a nice long ball to a shorter man down their right side on the field. Quick steps and a quick shot, slapped Kendall across the face for a quick 0-1 embarrassment. Could 7 now hold on to defeat 11?

Like a strong shot of espresso, the early strike awoke Kendall. Passes were beaded together and eventually led Aaron Bair to an opportunity on top of the Groton House box. With a hard face planting foul, Groton defended their house, which led to a testy exchange between players and a red card for each side. Despite receiving the red card, Kendall was happy to sit players with Groton. 10v6, isn't football, it's a massacre. And the scoring soon followed. Manager Canny, although smarting from a sprained ankle, smelled blood in the water and quickly substituted himself in for a direct kick. Groton House, who now trailed 5-1, left their 4'4" smurf in to tend net. And now it was 6-1.

Meanwhile the refs, in between marking the scoring, barked at Ger to stand up in net. Apparently Ger thought the pace of the game allowed him the time to lie down for a goal mouth nap.

And with a sleeping goalie, a mercy whistle finally put Groton House out of their misery.

Editors Note: Don't let this stellar report fool you - the game actually ended 12-1.

By: Nick Sze

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