Superbowl Squares 2011

Rules and Pricing

Welcome to the Kendall Wanderers Superbowl Squares for the 2011 Superbowl. The price per square this year will be $25. You will keep the same square you get for each quarter and will not be issued a new square for each. During the Superbowl at the end of each quarter if your square matches any of the payout events listed below then you win the specified amount. Feel free to buy 2 squares to double your chances of winning and forward to any friends, family, co-workers who you think might like to take part.


The payout structure will be:

Instant 5,5 square - $100
instant 8,8 square - $100
End of 1st Quarter - $200
Halftime - $200
End of 3rd Quarter - $200
Final score - $800
Final score accumulated - $100 (i.e. if the score was 14-21 it would be square 5,3)
Final score reversed - $100 (i.e. if the score was 14-21 it would be square 1,2)

Purchase and Payment

If you'd like to buy a square(s), please email with the number of squares you'd like to buy.
The preferred method of payment would be by cheque however if needs be you can pay using Paypal to

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